The ROCK 12v/16v charger is a dual purpose charger for both 12 and 16 volt batteries and was designed and built specifically for the Auto Racing Industry. The “Battery Type Switch” (found on the electronic control board) can be set for any type of lead acid battery including: sealed, (AGM absorb glass mat), gel cell, wet/deep cycle and applied glass mat as The Rock 12 and 16 volts batteries. Switch from 12 volt to 16 volt operation to recharge The Rock 16 volt battery. Always attach the clips to each of the outside posts while charging The Rock 3-post 12/16v battery.

Never charge a 12 Volt battery in the 16 Volt setting.

The upper (4) Red LEDs on the front of the charger indicate at what output amperage rate the battery is charging. Once the battery achieves 80% of its capacity the Red LEDs will have decreased and the Yellow 80% LED will turn On. When the battery is fully charged and ready for service the Green LED will indicate Ready.

The Automatic Hibernate mode is for long storage and shuts the charger down after 24 hours and applies a recharge cycle after every thirty days. If within the time frame the battery losses capacity because of a vehicle load within the 30 day period the charger will come out of the Hibernator stage, and again begin recharging the battery. The Rock charger has a 30 amp output rating assuring the fastest recharge time.

NOTE: If you are charging with a portable generator Always shut the charger Off FIRST and then turn the generator Off, especially any generator under 1400 watts.

As a safety feature, the charger will NOT output or begin charging unless it can read battery voltage.

Always make sure the charger is properly connected to the battery.

Take all safety precautions while using The Rock charger, as outlined in the Battery Charger Owner’s Manual packaged with your charger.

Weight 26 lbs.